VeryPVP - Minecraft

Minecraft: Java Edition server in development.

What is VeryPVP

VeryPVP is a Minecraft: Java Edition server that started in 2016 with a group of friends. It was a Minecraft server that could have won the award of worst server ever. The team has now evolved to a 12 member team that works hard to build a server with a superior PVP experience than on other servers. Development has started since November 2019, and was supposed to release on December 2020, however, it has been delayed multiple times, and we aim to a mid-2022 release date.

VeryPVP will have multiple gamemodes at launch. Kit-PVP, a brand new concept invented by the team called Rush-PVP, BedWars, SkyWars, Parkour and Mazes. The server will be avaliable on Minecraft versions 1.7.X up to 1.17.X for now and will be in English only, however, the PVP gamemodes will be restricted to 1.7.X up to 1.8.9 because of the Minecraft PVP changes that were implemented in version 1.9.

Links :

VeryPVP's Discord VeryPVP's Website