GameBox Studio

Vir0z4 Network game development studio based in France.

What is GameBox Studio

GameBox Studio is Vir0z4 Network game development studio that is based on a French Discord server. The team has evolved from just a couple of friends working on a projet, to a 30 member team. GameBox Studio works on different projects, most of which are developed on Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

You will soon be able to find games developed by GameBox Studio on Steam, Google Play Store, and To stay tuned on GameBox Studio's projects, and get to know the progress of development, please join the Discord server which invite link is at the bottom of the page. The server is for now only in French, but, if you would like an English Discord server to be created, please contact Vir0z4 Network at "[email protected]". You can also keep an eye on the progress of the development on GameBox Studio's Twitter, which will be on both French and English. The Twitter link is at the bottom of the page.

GameBox Studio's Current Project

Other You is a virtual world playable with or without a VR headset, where you can live your life as you wish. Do you want to live in a world far from ours ? Do you want to live by your own laws without anyone telling you what to do ? In Other You, it's possible. A game playable on PC, and maybe even on console, where you can meet and join friends, go to the cinema, design your own apartment and even go to work ! Have fun in this world full of new possibilities ! When the game is released on Steam, Volaris, which is the first city in the game, will be in a medieval world and, as updates are developed, the city will move forward in time to become a very colorful and lively city. There will also be gangs in the game. Gangs are groups of people who each run a part of the city. The gangs will later have a city for each of them.

Links :

GameBox Studio's Discord (French) GameBox Studio's Website (French) GameBox Studio's Twitter GameBox Studio's GitHub