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Main Projects


Minecraft: Java Edition Server

VeryPVP is a Minecraft (Java Edition) server. It originally got released to the public back in 2016, but was a complete failure (not surprising). Now, Season 3 is about to launch (between August - September 2020), and it has come a long way since Season 1. It will feature gamemodes like: Kit-PVP - Parkour - Mazes - BedWars and more...

Rox VTCorporation

TruckersMP Virtual Trucking Company

Rox VTCorporation is a TruckersMP VTC (Virtual Trucking Company) dedicated to players that relax, and don't need to play TruckersMP everyday to not be kicked of their VTC. Minimum play for a month is set to only 1000km ! Events will be scheduled when the VTC will hit it's first 10 members. Requirements are also really low (for example: age 12+).

CraizyRox Media Group

YouTube Media Group

CraizyRox Media Group is a YouTube group that owns multiple channels. It currently owns: CraizyRox, AnimeKali, EARRAPER and RoxTech. CraizyRox Media Group got created back in 2019 to unite all channels together.


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